Triathletes, what could 10, 1 to 1 coached swim sessions do for you? 

How much time could you save next season? 

How much better would you feel, if you left the water with a smile on your face, feeling great and ready to run into transition? 

In 10 1 to 1 sessions we have taught complete non swimmers to swim distances more than 4000m to realise their Ironman dream. 

After 10 1 to 1 sessions beginner triathlete have developed their freestyle from struggling at 2:30 per 100m pace. To a relaxed effortless freestyle at 1:40 pace and below. 

With 10 1 to 1 sessions intermediate level triathletes have started swimming faster in their 50’s and 60’s than they have before. Some have gone from 1:40 pace per 100m to below 1:20 pace. Helping them achieve podium places that they never thought possible. 

Elite triathletes if your swim is letting you down 10 1 to 1 sessions will help you find areas of weakness that will take your swim to the next level and beyond. 


We do this by using video analysis and the latest wearable analytics devices.  

To instantly find areas of weakness.  

Using our athlete centered approach and years of experience we then build an efficient stroke together. 

 1 video analysis session works wonders just read the reviews on Facebook and google, but with 10 follow-up sessions.  

We have the time to totally transform your swimming. 

For an extremely limited time we are offering a 10-session package with video analysis for just 400 euro. 

10 Coached 1 to 1 swim sessions for triathlon gift voucher