In 10 1 hour 1 to1 sessions even the most nervous beginners will learn to swim.

Our private facility is the perfect environment to learn to swim. 

Just you and your vastly experienced coach who has taught 100’s of nervous adults to swim and begin a lifelong enjoyment of water. 

Every week people tell me they wish they hadn’t left it so long, shocked at how easily they picked up the skills and confidence to effectively swim. 

With 10 sessions nervous adults still carrying childhood traumas, have learnt to swim an effective relaxed freestyle to compete in triathlon or competitive events.  

You, your friend or loved one can to.   

Don’t give in to fear people just like you learn to swim everyday so if your 18 or 85 you can learn to swim. Make 2021 your best year yet. 

off peak Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm 10 Coached 1 to 1 Learn to swim