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Initial Consultation.

To set your training goals and discuss your current swimming experience. We’ll perform a series of flexibility and core strength tests, we’ll record and take measurements of strength and flexibility in key areas. You’ll need to fill in the obligatory medical form and we’ll discuss any injury history. If you have recent times please bring them along.

90 minute in pool video analysis with swim tests.

After warm-up we’ll perform a series of swims recording heart rate stroke count and stroke rate while we film your stroke from above and below the waterline. Once we have every angle covered we’ll watch the footage together (bring a spare towel or robe).

Then it’s back in the pool to work on corrections and drilling for optimum efficiency. We’ll then take some more footage to compare to earlier. At this point we’ll ensure your performing any drills correctly and have a much better understanding of how to increase propulsion and decrease resistance in your stroke.

Your training paces will be set and explained within five training zones: aerobic, anaerobic threshold, high performance endurance, anaerobic and sprint.

Post session evaluation.

When you’re dressed we’ll begin your evaluation using video analysis software. We’ll measure all key angles watch and compare your videos to both your pre and post

 analysis footage and to footage of elite swimmers where necessary. We’ll discuss your goals and begin work on your six week plan

Elite Analysis gift voucher

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