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We have years of experience teaching even the most nervous of adults to swim. 


Our private endless pool is the perfect place to begin your swimming journey.

Without the distractions of a busy leisure centre, just you and your coach. 

Our nurturing innovative methods have helped 1,000's of adults overcome traumatic childhood experiences and rapidly learn to swim.

Every week we teach people to swim who have tried many times in the past but never quite got there.


Swimming is a natural reflex, common among mammals.


You can already swim. 


Our expert coaching will help you rationalize your fear and learn to relax in the water.


As your water confidence increases you'll find your swimming in no time.

For many adults this all happens within the first 1 to 1 session.

If your 18 or 88 swimming is a vital life skill that you can take up at anytime, with the right help you can learn to swim.

In fact I'm so sure I can teach you to swim. I offer a money back guarantee.


Purchase a 10 session package, which you can use in 1 week or 10 weeks.

If you can't swim by the end of the 10 sessions, I'll refund you in full. 


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