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Watch an elite triathlon race and you’ll notice the stroke of each athlete can be very different yet just as effective.
Variations in build and flexibility make different techniques desirable so we use an athlete-centered approach to ensure the stroke is built around you, you’re not just taught a stroke.

You’ll also notice that elite pool swimmers and elite triathletes don’t swim the ‘classic’ front crawl taught by most teachers and coaches.

A thorough video analysis and world class coaching advice is a must for any serious triathlete.

  We use the latest technology to ensure your success. Using our wearable analytics tool you'll see insights into your technique. That just wasn't possible until now! 

For the past 20 years Anthony has been helping triathletes achieve their dreams of qualification and podiums for national and international events. Don't take my word for it read the reviews on google and Facebook.

Every year we help 100's of non swimmers achieve their dreams of competing in triathlon.

So if you cant swim yet or your looking to get your average 100 pace down book a video analysis now.

Your competitors are!

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