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2 Stroke Video Analysis: Mastering Short and Long Axis Strokes

A Tailored Approach to Perfecting Your Technique

Our 2 Stroke Video Analysis package is expertly designed to help swimmers refine and excel in either short axis strokes (butterfly and breaststroke) or long axis strokes (freestyle and backstroke). This unique approach leverages the similarities between these strokes to provide insightful, comprehensive guidance.

Why Pair Strokes?

Short Axis Strokes (Butterfly & Breaststroke): Both butterfly and breaststroke share a crucial rhythmic movement and demand precise timing and coordination between the upper and lower body. Analyzing them together allows for a deeper understanding of body undulation and wave-like motion, essential in mastering these techniques.

Long Axis Strokes (Freestyle & Backstroke): Freestyle and backstroke are characterized by their rotational body movement along a long axis. Analyzing these strokes concurrently helps in understanding the dynamics of body roll, arm pull, and efficient propulsion, which are pivotal in both styles.

What the Package Includes:

Expert Analysis: Our experienced coaches analyze your strokes using high-quality video footage. We identify key areas of strength and improvement, focusing on technique, timing, and efficiency.

Personalized Feedback: You receive detailed feedback with visual cues and expert advice. This includes a comparison of your technique with ideal stroke mechanics.

Actionable Improvement Plan: We provide a tailored plan with specific drills and exercises to address the identified areas, helping you implement the changes effectively.

Follow-Up Options: For continued progress, we offer follow-up sessions to track your improvement and make further adjustments as needed.

Benefits of This Approach:

Holistic Understanding: By analyzing similar stroke types together, you gain a more comprehensive understanding of your swimming mechanics.

Efficient Learning: This method allows for quicker identification of common faults and more efficient learning and correction of techniques.

Versatile Skills Development: Whether you're a competitive swimmer or a fitness enthusiast, this analysis helps in developing versatile skills beneficial across different swimming styles.

Embark on a Journey of Stroke Mastery

Whether you aim to perfect your butterfly and breaststroke, or enhance your freestyle and backstroke, our 2 Stroke Video Analysis is the key to unlocking your potential. Dive into a world of improved technique, efficiency, and speed – all tailored to your personal swimming goals!

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