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Elevate Your Swimming with Our Premier Stroke Analysis for Competitive Swimmers and Triathletes

Unlock your full potential with our Premier Stroke Analysis - a comprehensive 1.5-hour program tailored for competitive swimmers and triathletes seeking in-depth insights, corrections, and a 6-week training plan to maximize their performance.

What Sets Our Premier Stroke Analysis Apart?

  • Extended Session: Unlike our 1-hour analysis, our Premier Stroke Analysis dedicates 1.5 hours to each swimmer, providing ample time for an intensive stroke correction session followed by a personalized video recording.

  • Live Corrections and Video: Engage in an in-depth live corrections session with our experienced coaches, allowing for precise adjustments to your technique. Afterward, a customized video is recorded, capturing your improved stroke for future reference.

  • 6-Week Training Plan: For swimmers who don't train within a club, we've included a tailored 6-week training plan. This plan is designed to help you maintain and improve your swimming skills, ensuring that you stay on track between sessions.

Why Choose Our Premier Stroke Analysis?

  • For Competitive Swimmers: Ideal for athletes aiming to gain a competitive edge or break through performance plateaus in preparation for swim meets or races.

  • Triathletes: Perfect for triathletes seeking to optimize their open water and pool performance, focusing on the demands of the swim leg.

How It Works:

Comprehensive Analysis: Record your chosen stroke above and below the waterline for thorough stroke evaluation.

Live Corrections: Engage in an extended live corrections session with our expert coaches, addressing stroke imperfections and making precise adjustments.

Customized Video: Following the corrections, a personalized video of your improved stroke is recorded, providing a valuable reference for future practice.

6-Week Training Plan: Receive a comprehensive 6-week training plan tailored to your specific goals, ensuring continued progress in between sessions.

Dive into Success with Our Premier Stroke Analysis

Our Premier Stroke Analysis offers an extended and immersive experience for competitive swimmers and triathletes, enabling you to refine your technique, record your progress, and benefit from a tailored training plan. Dive into success today and unleash your swimming potential.

Ready to embark on your path to excellence? Elevate your swimming journey with our Premier Stroke Analysis, designed for dedicated swimmers and triathletes committed to achieving their personal best.

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